Your introduction starts with the business card. It gives the first impression of you, your background, your professional expertise and helps people remember you when networking. It is far from a small piece of paper. It reflects who you are. Make sure you give it the importance it deserves and designs it with care.

At East Van Print, we take designing cards seriously. We make sure yours stands out in all the networking events, corporate functions and parties you attend. Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or starting out, we make sure your card stands out.

If you need a few tips to design your own, we are happy to give you some thoughts.

  • Less is More: There are a few basic principles of design when you plan out a business card. Keep it simple, elegant and clean. Keep the text 5mm from the edge of the card. Check that the type font and size is not too big or too small. It should be easy to read and not clutter up your card. Do not use too many colours. Many online design sites have business card standard size templates that help you achieve the right proportions and alignment.
  • Be Creative with Constraint: Although it’s tempting to play with colours and styles on the tiny blank canvas, refrain from doing so! Use your creativity with constraint. First figure out the key information that will go in there. You need to have your full name, job title, company, company logo, address, phone numbers, email id, website and social media accounts if you prefer. That’s a lot of information to stuff in. Make sure you lay it out well with enough white space around the text to make it look easy on the eyes
  • Avoid Borders: Try to refrain from using a border around the business card. If it’s not cut uniformly, the misalignment will look unprofessional and make you look unprofessional. You can use special finishes such as foil blocking, spot UV and metallic inks but remember that they will add to costs. If you are unsure of visual elements, stick to simplicity and not more than four colours on your card.
  • Print on Different Materials: You don’t have to print your cards on the usual thick card paper. Although it is most cost-effective, try your hand on other materials to make it look more interesting. There are several options available from transparent plastics to metals and even wood. Remember that they will add to the weight of the card though and may be hard to carry around in your wallet if they are too heavy or outsized. Plastic is lightweight and portable but wood is not. You can also design eco-friendly cards made with recycled paper.
  • Multi-purpose: It can be fun and interesting to make it more multi-purpose. How about one that doubles up as a bookmark or little armchair for your phone? There are many creative business card templates to choose from. If it offers more value than just introducing yourself, others may be tempted to hold on to it.

It’s crucial that you get your design right. If you don’t have the time or creative urge to do it yourself, let us take over and make it easier and better for you. At East Van Print, we have been designing a wide variety of business cards, bookmarks, signages, pull up displays, store posters, and more for offices, retail stores and institutions. For services in Vancouver, call us today!