Banners should be designed to grasp the attention of potential customers from a distance and peak their interests. We have listed a few tips you can adopt to ensure that your design conveys the message of your business or association in a few exciting words.

Text and Graphics

Words and graphics are the soul of banners. A banner’s primary goal is to attract people’s attention from a distance and to make that possible, it is important for the text to be large and readable from a distance. Failure to accomplish this will make it harder for somebody passing by to read your banner from afar, often causing them to give up and not approach the representative for more information.

The use of proper font can add clarity to your banner. You will be tempted to choose a fancy font with numerous twists and curves. However, readability should constantly be your number one priority. Selecting simple fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri will be easily readable from a distance.

Graphics are a vital part of your banner. They prompt the curiosity in people and encourage them to read the text. It is important to use only high-quality relevant and unique graphics on your banners, since it reflects professionalism and reinforces the message without using more subtext.


People are usually on a time constraint with a lack of willingness to spend time reading about products they have yet committed to. Banners that successfully spark the interest of numerous people convey short, yet impactful messages. While writing a message for your banner, eliminate all the information that isn’t absolutely required. Simply convey your message in the most time-efficient way.

Important Information

Effectively communicating your message and prompting customers to do as appealed will require you to comprehend the goal you are attempting to achieve through the banner. For instance, if you want to inform viewers about a specific product and service you are selling, including a few words explaining how the commodity will add value to their lives. On the other hand, if your goal is to increase awareness about a social cause, including statistics that reveal the severity of the social problem and the solution your association is providing will result in heightened consciousness.

Brand at Hand

Impactful text and exciting graphics will successfully convey your message. However, make sure the communicated message contains the impression of your brand. Keep the essence of your organization in mind while designing your banner. Use the colours, fonts, and language that are consistent with your association to help the audience form a static image of your brand in their minds.

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