With banners, you can advertise your company, announce new products or special offers, or celebrate special holidays. Whatever your need is for a business banner, here are some tips for making it trendy and powerful.

Consider what you want your banner to do for your business. Do you want to celebrate a grand opening? Will you be promoting a fundraiser or something else? Whatever it is, decide if you will need an outdoor banner or an indoor banner. Do you need it to be horizontal, vertical or do you want both?

The size and shape are important because you want your message to be contained within it visibly. As for visuals, this is the most important thing to consider. What will catch everyone’s eye and make them stop to look?

Banners must have focal points which are the elements that draw a person to view it. This might be your logo, a graphic or a catchy headline. The text must be clear enough from far away to get more people to look. This is one reason that the trendiest banners are also the simplest in their design.

Images also grab people’s attention perhaps more than phrases or logos. If your business is located near the roadway you may need to get attention fast and the best way to do this is with a large, attractive image.

Use plenty of colours. This is what attracts people based on emotion. Colours impact our feelings. Warm colours like orange or red tend to excite people. Cool colours like blue or green calm people down. These might be good if you are promoting your spa or massage service, for example. The reds can be used to promote a special at your local eatery because red often inspire hunger.

Your sign specialist is trained in colour psychology and how colours impact people’s moods. Make sure you are creative with colour but also put thought behind choosing the colours used. Of course, the font you have for your wording will also impact your banner’s attractiveness.

Script fonts might seem appealing to you, but remember that from afar they may be harder to make out. You may be better off using a simple, clear font.

Take inspiration from any of the banners hanging in your area. What works for you? What draws your attention? Find these elements and add them to your business banner.

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